Laser Tattoo Removal Successes

Tattoo Removal Success Stories

There is a lot of talk about how laser tattoo removal has a lot of poor results and how sometimes it can end up horribly wrong; patients end up getting severe burns and left with nasty scarring. Well, sometimes there are some ways for a laser tattoo removal session to go wrong but there are also a lot of ways for it to go correctly. Now, as a laser tattoo removal studio in Chicago, we obviously deal with a lot of patients and have a few stories of removals gone wrong but we have even more stories of removals gone perfectly.

Just like any cosmetic procedure, you can have times when a routine procedure has a problem but that does not mean that the procedure is terrible or that the doctor doing the procedure is necessarily bad either. Now, I should clarify that this article is not in retaliation to anyone or anything; it is just to let readers know that just because something has a mistake here or there does not ruin the integrity of the procedure or those who practice it.

There have been plenty of examples of success stories with laser tattoo removal. For example, there was a man from a few years back who had tattoos from a gang he belonged to; he had the tattoos all over his upper-body, including his head. After he left the gang, he wanted them gone so he would be able to leave behind his old life and start a new one, free from any ties to any gangs. Well, when he came to us we knew we had to help him. After several treatments with the R20 procedure, we were able to remove all of his tattoos except for one, which we were able to reduce enough to get covered up with a new tattoo; this tattoo depicted his new positive outlook on life.

Another success story was from a woman who decided to get a nice back tattoo after a night out with her friends for a bachelorette party. Well, of course she wanted that tattoo gone since it was done while she was rather drunk and the tattoo was particularly graphic. We will just leave it at that. After six tattoo removal sessions, we were able to remove the tattoo and the woman was able to move on; of course she still remembered the night of the party but just did not want to carry the memories on her back.

Those are just a couple of our success stories from our laser tattoo removal studio in Chicagoland , Erase Tattoo Removal. If you were to talk to other tattoo removal studios, you would find the same style of stories. If you are ever in need of any tattoo removal work, give us a ring, we give free consultations.

Star Wrist Tattoos Avoid These Dumb Mistakes If You Want A Killer Design!

Star wrist tattoos are absolutely awesome but time and time again, I see many people make the same old stupid mistakes when selecting the design of their choice. My displeasure with this situation have led to me write this article as a way of helping fellow tattoo art lovers avoid these dumb mistakes.

Mistake 1. Rushing into an awful tattoo.

Choosing the right star wrist tattoos can be hard because there are so many types to choose from. Therefore, you should not pick one in a hurry.

Ponder around for a few days; take your own sweet time, no need to rush – the tattoo shops will still be around even if you take months or years to make your decision! Remember, getting tattoos means that youll be inked for life so do not rush into getting a horrible tattoo!

Mistake 2. Cramming 10 sumo wrestlers into a Mini Cooper

How large is your wrist? I ask this question because I see a lot of people requesting for fancy star wrist tattoos complete with a photorealistic image of a lion standing over the star, dragons smooching the star, fairies and porcupines skateboarding together on the star and God knows what else.

Heres the news: You cant crammed all sorts of complex designs onto a small portion of the skin in this case your wrist. I equate this to cramming 10 sumo wrestlers into a Mini Cooper.

You must understand that the tattoo will age and if the size of the tattoo is small yet jam-packed with complex images, itll certainly look like crap after 5 years. So when it comes to tattooing the wrist, keep it simple.

Mistake 3. Not choosing the right methods when searching for tattoo designs on the web.

Avoid looking for star wrist tattoos on the web using normal search engine unless you love to have your wrist inked with bland, thousands-of-people-have-it artwork. I recommend two sources: online boards or tattoo databases.

The latter is the preferred option because they contain tons of one-of-a-kind designs which are updated regularly (they usually have several in-house artists updating the database), plus studio directories to help you find reputable artists near you.

Cross Tattoo Designs And Symbolisms

The symbol of the cross is one of the most world wide recognized symbols. As a tattoo, cross designs have been used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. There are many different types of cross patterns that come from various cultures; each cross has its own specific meaning. Some of these patterns are especially popular as cross tattoo designs. The following information contains a brief description of cross tattoo designs and their meanings.

The Latin cross tattoo design, which looks like a lower case t, is symbolic of religion; this cross design is often enhanced by doves, flowers, and other religious symbols such as angles and saints. The Gothic cross tattoo design looks a lot like the Latin cross, but the Gothic cross is thicker, darker in color, and usually contains such images as thorns, red roses, blood, or barbed wire. The Latin cross tattoo, and the Gothic cross tattoo, are some of the more popular cross tattoo designs.

The Celtic cross tattoo has been rising in popularity in recent years. The Celtic cross design contains intricately knotted patterns, a circle in the middle, and is very detailed in its design. The Celtic cross has pagan origins and was believed to symbolize the sun, thus it is sometimes called the sun cross. The Celtic cross has also been used, more recently, as a symbol of Christianity.

Some of the lesser known, but no less beautiful, cross tattoo designs include the Maltese, Lorraine, and Ankh cross. The Maltese cross design has four equal arms, each arm ending in a V shape. The eight pointed Maltese cross design originated from the Knights of Maltese and each point represents aspects of character, like virtue and loyalty, which were important to the Maltese Knights. The Lorraine cross was used as a symbol of Joan of Arc and French patriotism; the Lorraine cross tattoo design is often combined with the French flag. The Ankh cross , also known as the Egyptian cross, was originally an Egyptian hieroglyph that symbolized life and immortality; the design of the Ankh cross looks like a capital T with a circle at the top.

Tribal Tattoos Their Use And Purpose

The art of tattooing has been around for thousands of years, and tribal tattoos continue to have a place of importance for certain groups of people. Whether it is to show a connection to a particular group or a sense of belonging to a certain race or religion, tattoo symbols continue to be used. There is information explaining the many ways in which a tattoo can be placed.

One of the main ways that a tribal tattoo was used was to show the completion of a particular rite of passage. Tattoo symbols would be placed on the body or face of an individual going through a certain stage in their life. The most common stage was from child to adult. Different tattoos might have been used for different types of situations, but the markings served as a symbol to all that the individual has completed a rite of passage.

Other ways that a tribal tattoo was used was usually in conjunction with identification. Many groups would use certain tribal tattoo designs to mark their members, showing that these people belonged to a certain group. This was a useful way of bringing a group together and creating a particular identity and sense of belonging. There was less confusion with groups that seemed similar when identifying tattoos were used.

Tribal tattoos were more common among Native Indians than they were in groups made up of a mix of races and backgrounds. Their main purpose was to provide the individuals in the group with a method of identity and also display the group’s hierarchy. A body tattoo could show the world that the person was a strong leader of a particular group, and other members would have different tattoos to show their particular rank or position within the group. Branding a person may have meant that they belonged to another human being, but also to show that they weren’t as important as others within the same group. Sometimes, just by being born to a lower status mother meant that you could never reach a higher position within the group context.

As can be seen, tribal tattoos were used for multiple reasons; a rite of passage, identification with a particular group or to show a person’s level of status within a group. All were reasons to choose to have a body tattoo. North America is made up of many different races and religions, and for some it is important to reconnect with their past family history. In other cases, such as gangs, tattoos are generally used for identification purposes. They can also be used in gangs to denote status. However, even if none of these apply to you, it is still possible to pick a tattoo that is related to a particular group just because you like how it looks and it may represent something only to yourself.